ATV & Side by Side Rentals

ATV & Side by Side Rentals

Hop onto an ATV or Side by Side to get unparalleled access to the Jackson Hole area back country.  Our ATVs seat one or two riders, and our side-by-sides seat two to four riders, giving individuals and families the opportunity to explore on their own. ATVs can access all of the designated ATV trails and Forest Service roads in the surrounding area. Street-Legal Side by Sides can access Forest Service roads but not designated ATV trails.

Rental Time 9:00 to 5:00

Tow with your vehicle

We provide trailers free of charge with all of our rentals. You can tow the ATVs or Side by sides out to any of the trailheads using your own vehicle, as long as it has adequate towing capacity.

Tow with our vehicle

We also offer tow vehicles at a discounted rate if you want to tow, but don’t have a vehicle capable of towing.

Street-Legal side by sides

Instead of towing the vehicles up to the trailheads, we offer some street-legal side by sides which can be ridden directly from our shop in Jackson Hole out to the Forest Service roads.

Ride from our Alpine shop

Pick up any of our equipment from our Alpine location and ride directly out to the Greys River trail system.  ATVs and Side by Sides can be used with no towing required!

Ages & Limitation:

Drivers must be 21 and over to drive on street, or 16 and over to drive on the trail.  Passengers must be at least 6 years old.  Please call us with any questions on ages and rental limitations.

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ATV rentals are for one or two people.

Street Legal Side-by-sides

Side-by-Sides for 2 or 4 riders, trail or street-legal Side-by-Sides available.

Trail Guide – Find Your Own Adventure!

The National Forest surrounding Jackson Hole offers a variety of dirt roads and ATV trails for all level of riders. Our most popular areas are 30-45 minutes North of Jackson Hole, with some additional areas 30-45 minutes South of us.

Gros Ventre/Slate Creek

Jackson Hole Gros Ventre ATV RidesThis is one of our most popular trails because of the variety it offers riders. Gros Ventre road is a beginner friendly road that stretches far back into the Gros Ventre wilderness. The highlight of the area is Gunsight pass, which boasts amazing views of the Tetons as well as the surrounding red hills of the Gros Ventre wilderness. Slate Creek trail is a designated ATV trail, accessible from Gros Ventre road, that involves river and creek crossings. It is perfect for the more experienced rider looking for a challenge. Both the road and trail system offer some great opportunities to see wildlife, including bald eagles, big-horned sheep and elk. The Gros Ventre road can be accessed with any of our vehicles, and Slate Creek can be accessed using our ATVs.

Alpine/Grey’s River

Alpine & Greys River Wyoming ATV RidesDirect access from our Alpine Shop, no towing required for ATVs or Side by Sides. This road and trail system explores the beautiful area following the Greys River. This is an ideal trail for customers looking to do some fishing while they enjoy the ATVs or side by sides. Popular stops include beautiful Murphy Lake, a small lake nestled in the surrounding mountains. Further along customers enjoy checking out Dead Man’s Mine, an abandoned gold mine, by hiking a short distance up from the end of a dirt road. All of our vehicles are able to access the majority of this trail system, with some small sections limited to the ATVs.

Shadow Mountain

Jackson Hole Wyoming Shadow Mountain ATV RidesThis well marked trail system offers breathtaking views of the Tetons and is ideal for beginner to intermediate riders. The trail consists completely of 50” designated ATV trails, so it can be traversed using our ATVs only.