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Our ATV tours access the Bridger-Teton or Caribou National Forest, which are known for their abundant wildlife and immense wild lands. Much of the 3.4 million acres of public land is untouched by roads or civilization. ATV trails wind back into parts of the forest rarely seen by the average visitor. ATV tours offer you the opportunity to escape the crowds of Yellowstone and experience the breathtaking beauty of the local wilderness. Each trip consists of a small group of riders guided by an experienced expert on the area and includes the following:

How does a Guided Tour Compare to a Self Guided Tour?

Guided tours are a great way to reduce the amount of effort required to tour the back country trail systems in both Jackson Hole and Alpine Wyoming. Our trained guides will trailer the equipment to and from the trial head, load and unload the machines, provide basic machine instruction, navigate the trail system, and provide information about the ridding area. Fuel and lunch are provided. Guided tours are a great option for family or group actives. Let the Guides do all the work while you enjoy your ride!

Self guided tours are designed for the more adventurous guest and provide an affordable option to explore the back country trail systems. Out of our Jackson location towing is required to access the ATV trail systems on ATVs. You can tow the machines with your vehicle or we can provide you with a tow vehicle. You will tow the machines to the trail head, load and unload the equipment, and navigate the trail systems with maps and directions provided by our front desk staff. On your way back from your adventure you will refuel the machines at any local gas station and return them to the shop.

Either option you choose we are here to help create a lasting memory in Jackson Hole and Alpine Wyoming!

What are the age requrements for Guided Tours and Self Guided Tours?

Guided tour age requirements:

Single Seat ATV Driver : 16 and older

Double Seat ATV Driver : 18 or older to carry a passenger on the back.

2 or 4 Seat Side by Sides – On the Road 21+  Off Road 16+  Passenger 6+

Notes on Age Requirements for Tours – A common question our guides get asked is if the guests (for example) 14 year old son or daughter can ride their own machine. Usually this is followed with the customer telling us about all of their child’s experience on machines and that they will be just fine. The reality of this restriction is that we are not questioning your child’s riding ability, it’s more about their mental/physical strength to ride the trail systems for the full tour. We have found that towards the end of the day when young adults under the age of 16 are tired they could potentially make a simple mistake which becomes costly quickly. For this reason the youngest driver allowed on the tour will be 16. Even though this is the minimum age to drive an ATV by yourself we still warn parents of minors that fatigue can cause problems for most drivers under 18.

What is the difference between Side by Sides and ATVs?

Pictured first are ATVs. Commonly refereed to as Four Wheeler’s or Quads. They come in both single and double seat. They have both front and rear storage racks. They are automatic 4×4 machines with a thumb throttle. They are designed to be ridden on ATV specific trail networks. These are the machines we use for our guided tours in Jackson and Alpine.

Picture below are our Side by sides. They have full roll cages with steering wheels and pedals like a car. These are 4×4 machines and come in both 2 seat and 4 seat options. We do offer guided tours on our 2 and 4 seat side by side options out of our Alpine location. Our Jackson guided tours are only offered on ATVs. At our Jackson and Alpine offices you can take the side by sides on self guided tours with either a half day option or a full day option.

What Lunch Options are Provided on Guided Tours?

Out of our Jackson Office we work with the local Creekside Deli. Sandwich options include Turkey, Roast Beef, Ham, Or Veggie. Gluten Free and Vegan options available. All condiments for sandwiches come on the side. Chips,Cookies, and water are included.

For our Alpine Guided tours we work with our local Subway and offer sandwich or 6in sub options including Turkey, Roast Beef, Ham, Or Veggie.  Chips,Cookies, and water are included.

How many people will be in our Group? Do you offer Private Tours?

Depending on the time of year guided tours range from a minimum of 2 machines up to a maximum of 8 machines per guide. In terms of guests its a minimum of 2 guests up to 14 per guide.  For larger groups we will provide multiple guides to accommodate your groups size.

Prefer to have a private tour? No problem! Our private tour surcharge is $400 and will include a private guide, flexible tour times, multiple trail options.

Should we tip our Guide? Is gratuity included?

You should defiantly tip your guide! Unless you were unhappy with their performance then please contact our management team with any comments or concerns. Gratuity is only automatically  included on groups of 6 or more at 15%. Think of the tour like a restaurant and the guide as your waiter. They work hard to provide you with a great service. You can tip your guide cash directly or through credit card back at the office with the front desk staff. Give them a shout-out on Trip Advisor or Yelp for some extra love!

Teton Overlook Tour

Jackson Hole

Our most popular tour! This tour is ideal for beginner to intermediate riders and families. This tour boasts the best views of the Tetons, as well as beautiful ATV trails that wind through forested valleys, and along spectacular open ridges. Tour starts at our shop at 10:00 and end around 3:30, with a mid-day picnic lunch provided along a ridge overlooking the Teton Range. Hotel Pickup Included.

ATV Driver $199 (16 and up)
ATV Passenger $129 (8 and up)

Shadow Mountain is available June 1 through September 15.

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Teton Overlook Tour

First time on ATV. We are in our 60’s but young at heart and always looking for new exciting experiences. Our guide familiarized all drivers with the ATV’s, was attentive throughout the day, and seemed to enjoy the ride as much as we did. The scenery is breathtaking and lunch was delicious!

RetiredTravelers419 Trip Advisor

Gros Venture Backcountry Tour

Jackson Hole

Slate Creek is a beautiful and challenging trail, great for the intermediate or advanced ATV rider. This trail includes a river crossing and several creek crossings, and winds into the back country of the Mt. Leidy Highlands. This tour offers amazing opportunities to see pronghorn antelope, elk and deer. Tour starts at our shop at 8:30, and end around 5:00 with a mid-day lunch provided along the trail in the back country.

ATV Driver $299 (16 and up)
ATV Passenger $149 (8 and up)

Slate Creek is available July 1 through September 15

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Dino has got to be the best guide ever!! Took all-day (6 hours+) ATV tour near Slide Lake. First river crossing in + got to see some “off the beaten path” sights. Scenery is absolutely stunning! Bring camera!! ….

William WTrip Advisor

Caribou Ghost Town Tour

In Alpine Wyoming


Our beginner friendly Caribou Ghost Town Tour is a great way to explore the beautiful McCoy Creek trail system in Caribou-Targhee National Forest. This tour travels the dirt back-roads to Caribou City, a registered ghost town in Idaho. Picnic style lunch included.  This tour departs from our Alpine location, which is 30 miles South of Jackson Hole.

ATV – Driver $149(16 and up)
ATV – Passenger $99 (8 and up)

Side By Side 2 Seat – Driver & Passenger $399
Side By Side 4 Seat – Driver & Passengers $599

Tour runs 10:00 to 3:30 out of our Alpine location.

Caribou City is available May through Oct 31st

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The Jackson Hole/Alpine area is one of the most beautiful places in the USA and the toys and service this company provides enhances the experience of of enjoying this special place.  Be safe and have fun!!

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