Directions To Teton Overlook Trail System

Directions to Teton Overlook Trail System

Start with making a Right hand turn out of our Jackson location towards the town square on US-191. You will reach the Jackson Hole town square in 2 miles. Make sure to be in your left hand lane as you will be making a left hand turn onto US-89N/26E

(If you are towing a trailer for a self rental to the Teton Overlook trailhead utilize the Truck Route by taking a left hand turn at Millward St. 1.9 miles after making a right our of our driveway. Millward St connects to Mercill Ave via a bending right turn continue 700ft to the US-89/26 light where you will take a left) 

You will then proceed 6.9 miles until you arrive at a traffic circle (round about) take the second exit heading north and stay on US-89N/26E. Continue another 13.6 miles until you reach Lost Creek Ranch Road on your right hand side. Lost Creek ranch road is a gravel road. Once on Lost Creek Ranch Road or FS30340 continue 1.47 miles until you reach a split in the road. Take a right at the split which puts you onto Shadow Mountain Road. Please drive slow here the road is very rocky/bumpy. Continue .8 miles until you drive up a small hill and arrive at a bending left hand corner. Follow the bending corner (do not stay straight) and the road will lead you towards the tree line.  Continue another .3 miles where you will enter the treeline and arrive at the parking lot (dirt) on your right hand side.

When parking in the parking lot please leave room for big trailers and vehicles. A good hint would be to park closer to the trees to keep your vehicle in the shade! This is where if you are on a self guided tour you will unload your machines. If you are on a guided tour this is where you will meet your guide and start your adventure!

Town Square Turn

Truck Route Turn

Gros Ventre Traffic Circle

Lost Creek Ranch Road Turn

Teton Overlook Parking Lot
(Shadow Mountain)