Granite Hot Springs Snowmobile Directions

Granite Hot Springs Vehicle Directions to Snowmobile Trailhead

Vehicle Directions to Granite Hot Springs Parking Lot.

Parking Lot GPS Coordinates: 43.286363, -110.529566

  • Turn Left out of Jackson Hole Adventure Rentals onto US-89S
  • Drive 11.1 Miles to the Hoback Junction to the round about.
  • Take the 2nd Right in the round-about towards Pinedale Us-189S/US-191 S
  • Drive 11.4 Miles. The Granite Hot Springs entrance is on the left hand side just before a bridge. 
  • After making the left onto Granite Creek Road Continue uphill .3 miles until you see a big parking lot. The gate will be closed to vehicle traffic. This will be where you start on the snowmobile.

Turn by Turn Directions. Google Map Link to Granite Hot Springs Parking Area.

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Granite Hotsprings Google Map

Granite Hot Springs Snowmobile Directions

Snowmobile Directions to Granite Hot Springs From the Parking Lot.

Parking Lot GPS Coordinates: 43.286363, -110.529566

  • After unloading your machines proceed North towards the (G) Snowmobile trail and continue for 1 mile.
  • At 1 mile you will come to an intersection with a trail entering from your left hand side before a bridge (GA). Continue straight on the (G) trail to head to the hot springs.  The (GA) trail system called “Little Granite” dead ends into a wilderness boundary 1.9 miles later. You are more than welcome to explore this area but be aware that for trail sleds this short trail system is not often groomed. To continue to the Granite Hot Springs you need to stay on the (G) trail.
  •  Proceeding down the (G) trail you will have stunning views of Corner Peak, Steamboat Peak, and Palmer Peak. Those will be the mountains in the distance to your right. 5 miles down the trail you will hit another intersection coming in from your right called Jack Pine-FR30518. (A side note for our mountain riders, not trail sleds, if you take this intersection to your right you can find some fun off trail non groomed riding).  Continue Straight on the (G) trail. 1 mile later you will see another intersection come in from your right hand side called Macleod FR-30521. Continue Straight on the (G) trail.
  • Continuing down the (G) trail for 1 mile you will pass a covered in snow summer camp ground on your right hand side which leads you to a split in the trail system. If you take this split to your right (FR-30526)  it will take you down to Granite Falls which are definitely worth a look! If you take the split to the left and continue on the (G) trail it will be your fastest route to the Hot Springs. Either way you go it is only .3 miles before the left and right split meet back into the (G) trail.  (At certain points of the season if you take the split to the right there will be a groomed trail system that will take you in front of the falls. You may also walk down to the falls from the groomed snowmobile trail if you do not feel confortable riding down the hill to the falls.)
  • Continue on the (G) trail for another .4 miles where you will enter the Granite Hot Springs Snowmobile Parking Area. It will be located just before a bridge that crosses the creek. PLEASE DO NOT TRY TO RIDE THE SNOWMOBILE ACROSS THE BRIDGE. You must walk across the bridge up to the hotsprings changing area. You will check in with the host at the changing area before proceeding to the pool. Have fun!

For Granite Hot Springs I like to wear my swimsuit under my base layer to make the changing room process easier. If you have your own preferred snow gear with you that you would like to wear instead of our gear you are more than welcome to. We provide helmets, goggles, coats, bibs, gloves and boots. If you plan on wearing our gear I wear my swimsuit, a warm base layer (long johns, thermals etc), and our gear on top. If you wear our gear plan on bringing a change of clothes after your rental to stay warm!

Don’t forget a towel!

In my backpack I carry: Picnic Lunch, Towel, Bandana, Extra Pair of Socks, Sunglasses, Hand/Tow Warmers, Balaclava, Water Bottle

If you don’t wear your suit under your base layer don’t forget your suit!

The short answer is no. The granite hot springs trail system has 2 groomed trails. The (G) trail that takes you to the hot springs and the (GA) trail that takes you to a wilderness boundary. In total there is 11 miles of groomed trail system. For the double seat touring sleds you must stay on the groomed trail system. The touring sleds are simply not designed to ride off trail. Trust us you will find out the hard way if you do try! For our Crossover, Performance, and High Performance sleds you can find additional off trail riding that is beginner friendly at the Jack Pine intersection.

I tend to treat the Granite Hot springs riding area as a relaxed extended 1/2 day on the touring sleds. If you are looking to cover more miles on the touring sleds I would suggest going to the Togwotee riding area where there is 100s of miles of groomed trail.

Currently the forest service has these restrictions placed on the Granite Hot Springs due to COVID that you can find below. Our suggestion would be to ride directly out to the Hot Springs and check in with the host.

Click Here for information for the Forest Service 


* A maximum of 25 people are allowed in pool at one time
* Soak time is limited to one hour
* At the top of each hour the pool is open, a new group of up to 25 people can enter the pool. Expect to wait in the picnic area for the next opening.
* The dressing room is limited to 1 person (or one family) at a time. We recommend wearing swimsuit under clothes to reduce facility use.

Sure is! You can check out the newly remodeled Astoria Hot Springs by clicking here!

With COVID we understand Granite might be tough for some of our customers. We advise you to check out Astoria for your hot spring experience and head to Togwotee or the Greys River for your snowmobiling experience.

With that being said, Granite is still open and we are renting machines to head there. Please just make sure to check in with the Host to see what time you will be able to get into the pool.

We suggest getting an early start to Granite in order to get a good parking spot in the parking lot and getting first access to the Hot Spring. We open at 8am, complete your paperwork ahead of time online to reduce time in the office. Typically you will be out the door heading towards the hotspring by 8:30-8:45. Arriving at the parking lot and unloading by 9:45. Reaching the Hot Spring Host by 10:45. From there they can give you a better idea of what time the pool will be accessible for your group. We find if you reach the springs before the guided tours show up you have a better chance of getting in! We suggest having the snowmobiles loaded and leaving the parking lot by 3:45pm at the latest. That way you can make it back to the gas station by 4:30 and to the shop by 5pm.

For Questions Please Call:

Alpine Phone: 307.654.5678        Alpine Fax: 307.654.5687

Jackson Phone : 307.733.5678        Jackson Fax : 307.733.5687