Gros Ventre Snowmobile Directions

Gros Ventre Winter Vehicle Directions to Snowmobile Trailhead

Vehicle Directions to Gros Ventre Snowmobile Parking Lot.

Parking Lot GPS Coordinates: 43.636813881045484, -110.53473532849017

  • Turn Right out of Jackson Hole Adventure Rentals onto US-191 N for 2.1 miles until you reach the town square intersection
  • Turn Left onto US-89N (Cache Street) and continue for 6.9 miles until you arrive at a traffic circle.
  • At the traffic circle take the first Right onto Gros Ventre Road continue for 8 miles. You will pass the town of Kelly on your right hand side.
  • 1.1 miles past the town of Kelly you will take the first Right onto Gros Ventre Road (con’t)
  • Proceed 5.3 miles. Take your time as this road can be very slick! The parking lot will be on your right hand side overlooking a frozen lake. If there is not enough snow covering the road you may proceed another .3 miles to the Atherton Creek Campground. This is a guided tour staging area but can be used for self rentals as well. The trailhead will start just above the camp ground.

Turn by Turn Directions. Google Map Link to Granite Hot Springs Parking Area.

You can also click on “More Options” in the map above to see turn by turn directions from Google

Gros Ventre Google Map

Gros Ventre Winter Snowmobile Trail System

Snowmobile Directions from Gros Ventre Trailhead

Parking Lot GPS Coordinates: 43.636813881045484, -110.53473532849017

  • If you parked at the Slide Lake overlook unload and turn Right and continue down the Gros Ventre Road until you hit the snowmobile entrance gate which will be .2 miles down the road. If you parked at the Atherton Creek Campground proceed to the top of the hill in the campground and turn Right. This will put you onto the Gros Ventre Road or FR-30400 or on the snowmobile map this will be the (R) Trail.
  • The (R) trail is groomed for upwards of 30 miles and follows along the Gros Ventre Road in the summer. 4.3 miles down the trail you will pass the red hills ranch on your right hand side. 2.5 miles past the Red Hills Ranch you will pass by the Crystal Creek Campground on both side of the roads nestled beside the Gros Ventre river and pine trees which will then lead you across a bridge to a large open meadow.  You must stay on trail as this is a wilderness protection zone. FN-30365 is a private ranch dead end continue straight.
  • On your right hand side you will see a sign for the Red Rock Ranch. Just past this sign on your left hand side you will see a trail intersection for the (W) trail or FN-30380. Depending on the time of year this trail will be groomed and is a backcountry route to reach the Togwotee Mountain Lodge after 20 miles of riding. We only suggest taking this route if you have experience in the area as it is very remote. Please ask the Front Desk Agents at checkout if this route is passable.
  • Continuing past the (W) trail intersection down the (R) trail the groomed trail continues 6.4 miles until you reach the (T) FN-30410 trail intersection. The (T) trail similar to the (W) trail is a connector for the lower Togwottee trail system and should be ridden by experienced riders only that have planned on fuel.
  • Continuing Past the (T) trail intersection down the (R) trail, the system is typically groomed for an additional 10-13 miles. If you continue following the  (R) trail system there is an elk feeding ground 4 miles down off of FN-304378 on your left hand side. At this intersection on your right hand side would be FN-30437 which goes to Soda Lake in the Summer.

Typically, the Gros Ventre snowmobile trail system is designed for for a 3 to 5 hour groomed snowmobile trail ride. Due to the Wildlife Winter Range Restrictions there is limited off trail riding available. With that being said the Gros Ventre is at a much lower elevation than our Togwotee riding area and snow conditions as well as trail grooming can be limited. Check in with our front desk staff to see if they have any snow reports for the area.

A large amount of our corporate neighbors sell the Gros Ventre as a wild life viewing tour. The reality is you have the same chance of seeing wildlife on any of our trail systems. The Elk Feeding ground located in the back of the Gros Ventre can be hit or miss. Our suggestion for wildlife viewing would be to take a guided van tour with someone like Brushbuck Tours as they know where all the animals like to live. Another great option would be to take the Sleigh Ride through the National Elk Refuge as they are experts on the subject. Either way you go keep your eyes open on the trail you never know what you might see!

The Gros Ventre is located 25 miles north of our shop. I would only suggest doing the Gros Ventre Trail system on a clear visible day as whiteout conditions can  be very hard to navigate due to some of the expansive open meadows and wind. Plan to be at our shop in Jackson around 8-9am. The tow to the trailhead can take around 45min-hour depending on the weather conditions. If you are on the trail by 10:30 to 11 you can cruise down the (R) trail at your leisure and turn around whenever you like with a general ride time of 3-5 hours. Don’t forget a picnic lunch as you will be in a very remote backcountry wilderness area. You will need to be back to the truck and trailer by 3:30pm. From there you can head back into town, gas up, and be back to the shop by 5pm.

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