Half Day Side by Side Directions Alpine

Half Day Alpine Self Guided

Side by Side Directions

Welcome to your Half Day Side by Side Adventure out of our Alpine Location. Our half  day times run from 8:30-12:30 or 1-5 and will explore down the beautiful Greys River Road towards Murphy Lake. This adventure is designed as a very scenic quick access into our local backcountry. This is not a skill rated trail system; it includes federal speed limits and is accessed via open access forest service roads (think bumpy country dirt roads). You must stay on the forest service access roads at all times. Please do not venture off trail as this is a highly regulated federally patrolled area and they can ticket you! Think of this adventure as a leisurely way to access areas of Alpine that are rarely seen. All of our Side by Sides are street legal and leave directly from our parking lot.

Please be advised that there is vehicle traffic, horse traffic, wildlife, and side by side traffic on all trail systems.

Start by heading 300 yards towards Short Street where you will make a right hand turn. Proceed straight past Alpine drive on your left 300ft until you reach the Trail Drive stop sign. Here you will make a left onto Trail Drive and proceed .4 miles until you reach a stop sign for the Greys River Road (FR 10138). Turn right onto the Greys River Road. Please watch the speed limit in this zone as it is 25mph. In .4 miles you will go from pavement to gravel where you will be entering into the National Forest. In 1.5 Miles from the trailhead you will cross a bridge over the Greys River passing by the Bridge Campground on your right.  Continue straight. In 2.2 more miles you will pass by the Squaw Creek trailhead (FR 10001) on your right. (This system is too narrow for side by sides, continue straight). In 4 more miles you will pass by the Forks Campground on your right and the Little Greys trail System (FR 10124) on your left. Continue straight on the Greys River Road. In 3.5 miles you will pass the Lynx Creek Campground (FR 100029) on your right, continue straight.  In 2.5 miles you will come to the intersection for the Murphy Lake Trailhead (FR 10022) on your right hand side (this is roughly 14 miles down the Greys River Road from where the trailhead began). Yield to the right off of the Greys River Road towards South Doe Creek where you will cross the Greys River via a bridge. You will pass the Squaw Creek South Entrance trailhead in 1 mile on your right (again, this trial is too narrow for the side by side, stay straight). Continue straight on FR10022 for another mile and Murphy Lake will be on your left hand side!  You will see the left hand turn with a bathroom and circle parking area for Murphy Lake.  If you miss the turn, the road will eventually dead end a few more miles out and hopefully you find it on your way back! Murphy lake has a few dead end hiking trails around the lake. Please be careful as you are a long way from help and a hospital. You need to make smart backcountry decisions!

To head back to Alpine retrace your steps above. Instead of taking Trail Drive back to the shop please continue straight down the Greys River Road until you come to the Alpine Market and Gas station (Chevron) that will be on your left (or any other gas station in Alpine) to refill the vehicle with 91 octane. From the Alpine Market you can then make a left onto Highway 89 and our shop will be .1 miles down on the left hand side.