Bowrider & Pontoon Self-Guided Boat Rentals

in Jackson Hole and Alpine Wyoming

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Boats & Watercraft

Alpine Adventure Rentals has 20FT Larson Bow Rider and 22FT Pontoon Boats available for full and half day rentals. Boat Trailers are included with each rental. Boats can be towed to Palisades Reservoir, utilizing any of the local boat launches or delivered to the waterfront for walk on boat access. Lifejackets included; water skis, wakeboards and inner-tubes available for an additional charge. Full Day rentals 9:00 to 5:00, Half Day Rentals 8:30 to 12:30 or 1:00 to 5:00.

8 Person 20′ Bow Rider 250 HP

Full-Day $399
Half-Day $299

10 Person 22′ Pontoon Boat

Full-Day $399
Half-Day $299

How do Boat and Watercraft Rentals Work out of Alpine?

Our Alpine located just 30 miles south of Jackson Hole Wyoming and provides direct access to the Palisades Reservoir. Our Boat & Watercraft rentals are available delivered to the waterfront ready for your family and friends to enjoy or loaded on a trailer ready to tow to your preferred boating destination.  With full and half day options, safety gear, ski/wake board equipment, and plenty of boating accessories  we have everything you need to enjoy a day on the water.

What security deposit is required to rent boats and watercraft?

Our Boats require a security deposit hold/authorization on your credit card of choice in accordance with your damage waiver option.  If you choose the damage waiver for $50 per day to limit your liability to the $1,000 deductible the credit card hold will be $1000.00 until the boat is returned without damage. If you do not choose the optional damage waiver the credit card security deposit hold/authorization will be $3000.00

For Watercraft (Sea Doos) we do not require a pre-authorization hold. The optional damage waiver to limit your liability on the watercraft is $35/day with a $1000 deductible.

Can I rent boats for Jackson lake instead of Alpine Wyoming?

If you would prefer to take a Boat to Jackson lake located north of Jackson Hole you are more than welcome to. Our boats are located in Alpine Wyoming loaded on a trailer ready to tow. If you do plan on going to Jackson lake we suggest a multiple day rental or the overnight return option. The tow from Alpine to Jackson lake is over 2 hours one way. The typical rental period out of Alpine is from 9am-5pm and the boat must be returned to the Alpine location.  We do offer an overnight boat rental option that allows the return of the boat to Alpine by 8am the following morning for an additional $100.00. We do not offer half day rentals for Jackson lake.

Personal watercraft (Sea Doos) are not allowed on Jackson Lake.

What are the age requirements for boat and watercraft rentals ?

Over 21 to rent both Boats and Watercraft

Under 18 can ride Sea Doos if tethered to an adult.

No age restrictions on boat passengers.

What equipment is included in the watercraft rental?

Full Safety equipment is on board each boat and watercraft. Life-jackets are included in the rental price and are required for all guests on the boats and watercraft in sizes from XS-3XL

Optional Boat Accessories:

1-Person Tube $40

3-Person Tube $40

Wakeboard $40

Water-skis $40

Do you Allow Multi-Day Rentals?

We do allow multiple day rentals. If you plan on heading up to Jackson Lake its a great idea to do a multiple day rental to get the most out of your boating experience.

Half Day vs. Full Day Rental Questions

Morning 1/2 Day 8:30-12:30  Afternoon 1/2 day 1pm-5pm

Full Day Rental – 9am-5pm.

Overnight Fee for Full Day rentals to Return at 8am is $100

What about fuel? Delivery? Insurance?

All of our equipment loaded on a trailer leaves full of fuel and will need to be returned full of fuel.

If your watercraft was delivered to the waterfront in Alpine will charge a simple base fuel rate.

Full Day Boat Rental Fuel & Delivery Rate: $100.00

1/2 Day Boat Rental Fuel & Delivery Rate: $75.00

Full Day Watercraft Fuel & Delivery Rate: $60.00

1/2 Day Watercraft Fuel & Delivery Rate: $40.00

Damage Waiver Options:

Boats: $55/day with a $1,000 Deductible

Watercraft: $35/day with a $1,000 Deductible

How much do the Boats Weigh for towing? Hitch Size?

Single Sea Doo and Trailer – 1,600 pds

Two Sea Doos and Trailer – 2,200 pds

20′ Bowrider and Trailer – 3,950 pds

22′ Pontoon and Trailer – 4,350 pds

2″ ball on all Trailers

What is the person or weight limit on the boats?

The 22′ Pontoon is limited to 10 people or 1,450 lbs, whichever is less.  The 20′ Bowrider is limited to 8 people or 1,150 lbs, whichever is less.  It is extremely dangerous to overload a boat, please reach out to us with any questions regarding your group.

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